New Beginings

jimi a posted Dec 26, 13
Another year down the drain!  Looking forward to the new year.  The Division, ESO, EQ Next, Dying Light, need I say more! 

tastywalls a absolutely zero fucks given, we start the new year hoping to bring in some new members and grow even more than we have a ...


ReKzey a posted Dec 20, 13
Right ok i think we should all chip in and get a dayz standalone server all server's get packed cause of lack of servers and i think this would be a good thing to do its like £55 so its not alot of money but if we chip in its less money out peoples pockets who would like a server.

DayZ StandAlone

ReKzey a posted Dec 19, 13
Calling on killerclowns

So guys you prob no now and if you don't DayZ StandAlone is here and we are going to have to put our name back out there, Yeah i know that mean's new name's and new face's but it is about time we stepped up and took back what is ours i know this sound's cheesy but we all need to put our heads together and come up with idea's.

Idea's so far.
-New Website not on enjin
-LiveSteaming Loads With Giveaway's (Already Started)
-Posting on Redit and DayZ forums
-Youtube Channel to post video's/Tutorials
-Monthly give away's for our clan member's
PS:If you don't put in you don't get shit.

Nathan Already setup a youtube and linked it to the stream. Just need content to upload.

Battlefield 4

jimi a posted Nov 27, 13
There are members now playing BF4 on a regular basis.  Double xp starts Friday so if you haven't enlisted for this stellar title yet I suggest you do so as soon as possible.  I hope to see you on the battlefield soon!

Retired Commander

Rust and Nether!!!

jimi a posted Oct 31, 13
Check out the Nether here:

And Rust here:

And DayZ standalone here: ... Oh wait it's never coming out!
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ok it's up
Just got back from work and I'm trying to figure out why it's down
ts is down
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